Zohar Rosenberg

Special guest

Zohar Rozenberg (Col. Ret.) is the Chief Security Officer at Elron, a leading Israeli holding company dedicated to building technology companies, actively investing in startup companies. He is also acting as Member of the Board for a number of cyber companies and as a member at RDC, the commercialization arm of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, in a full partnership with Elron Electronic Industries (TASE: ELRN).

Zohar served in 8200 for over 20 years leading high-risk, high-innovation organizations and projects, with a track record in cultivating new technological initiatives as well as brilliant and skilled personal. Zohar was involved in the establishment of the National cyber bureau and the formalization of the Israeli national cyber strategy. He retired after serving as the Head of IDF's Cyber Department. Amongst other achievements, Zohar was responsible for developing nationwide cyber educational programs and working with the Israeli office of education and philanthropy organizations to help place Israel as a global leader in cyber technology.

Zohar holds a BS in Electric and Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. Zohar also holds the 2008 Israeli highest defense award.

Aside from an impressive career in Israeli defence and cyber security, Zohar has written a number of recent articles on cyber issues:


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