Phil Brown

Special guest

Phil is an independent data protection consultant based in North Norfolk.

He has provided data protection advice and support to a wide variety of industries across Norfolk and beyond, mostly to small businesses. Prior to that, Phil had a 20 year career as a military communications officer which was then followed by 12 years in the world of mobile phone standardisation, mostly consulting for a Japanese mobile phone operator.

During the latter phase, he chaired an international working group that developed mobile phone conformance tests and also chaired the Global Certification Forum when is became a legal entity in 2008. Such work has seen him travel widely and has, at various times, studied French, German, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese none of which prepared him for life in Norfolk when he moved there in 2016!

He has a Masters degree in Design of Information Systems and his currently trading as Norfolk’s Data Protection Mardler.

Contact Phil on: [email protected]

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