Laura Scaife

Special guest

Dr. Laura Scaife focuses her practice on data protection, data monetization and law governing social media. She has in-depth experience within the media industry, advising on strategic policymaking, regulatory implementation and relations with external auditors including the Law Commission and the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Laura has advised on some of the most high profile information security breaches, liaising with the Serious Fraud Office and the Financial Conduct Authority amongst others. Laura has advised clients across the sports and media industries, as well as advising FCA regulated entities, technology companies, ultra-high net-worth individuals and investment banks.
Laura has also advised on the implementation of GDPR across a number of global organisations, undertaking data protection audits and impact assessments and ensuring handling and care of all personal data. Laura has key experience in lobbying draft amendments through the European Commission for e-Privacy regulation as well as working with the House of Lords and the shadow cabinet to obtain key amendments to the draft Data Protection Act 2018.

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