Ben Malisow

Special guest

Ben Malisow has worked in the fields of education/training, communication, information technology, and security, and/or some combination of these industries, for over twenty-five years. Prior to his current position, Ben has provided information security consulting services and training to a diverse host of clients, including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Department of Homeland Security (at TSA), and the FBI. He has also served as an Air Force officer, after graduating from the Air Force Academy.

An experienced trainer, Ben has been an adjunct professor of English at the College of Southern Nevada, a computer teacher for troubled junior/senior high school students in Las Vegas, been a senior instructor for the University of Texas - San Antonio, and taught computer security certification prep classes for Carnegie-Mellon University’s CERT/SEI.

Ben has published widely in many fields. His latest books are the CCSP (ISC)2 Official Study Guide and the CCSP (ISC)2 Practice Tests, and How to Pass Your INFOSEC Exam from Amazon Direct. Updates to his work and his podcast, “The Sensuous Sounds of INFOSEC,” can be found at

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