Episode 35

Online content - how to protect and secure your digital rights


March 8th, 2022

31 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

Online Content - how to protect and secure your digital rights

In today's world of content creation, sharing, posting and blogging, it is more important than ever to be able to protect and control your online content. Whether you are a musician, artist, parent, small business or large organisation, your digital content is who you are as an individual, family, group or company.

This episode is a fantastic insight into the world of managing and controlling your online content with our guest, Adam Rumanek, Founder and CEO of Aux Mode, global specialists in digital rights management and revenue reporting.

We discuss: digital rights management - what is it? - how can you protect your online content; video privacy protection; audio privacy protection and understanding your rights on YouTube. Anyone with an online presence will learn from listening to this episode, so we are grateful to Adam for his advice.

Adam Rumanek, CEO
Aux Mode
https://auxmode.com/about-us or contact Adam Rumanek on [email protected]

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