Episode 29

Regulating the future of AI and ML


June 3rd, 2021

41 mins 28 secs

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Special Guest

About this Episode

In this episode, we are going to talk about the regulation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to understand what businesses need to think about from a regulatory perspective.

Our special guest, Ben, talks about the global context of regulations around AI and the complexity of the parallel 'race to AI' and 'race to regulation' . In particular we look at the proposed Artificial Intelligence Act from the European Union and consider the impact on innovation.

We explore what businesses and DPOs need to consider when building, using or deploying Machine learning or Artificial Intelligence systems.

As we enter what is arguably, the start of our journey into a new era of innovation with huge benefits to humankind, this podcast will follow developments in and around the regulation of future Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Benjamin Mueller
Ben is a senior policy analyst at the Center for Data Innovation, focusing on AI and technology governance.

Read Ben's note on: AI Act Explainer is here: https://datainnovation.org/2021/05/the-artificial-intelligence-act-a-quick-explainer/