Episode 24

NHS Track and Trace App: are privacy and practicality issues a barrier to success?


October 6th, 2020

51 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

This episode is part of our series of updated podcasts addressing security & privacy concerns resulting from the coronavirus pandemic and the shift in working practises for millions of businesses across the UK and the world.

In our discussion we first talk about the NHS Track and Trace app and ask "how did we get here?" with app #2 being released five months after app #1.

We then explore whether track and trace apps are prevented from being successful due to privacy and practicality issues and whether this is a worldwide problem.

During our discussion, I recommend a very important film "The Social Dilemma" which is available on Netflix. This is an must-watch film for everyone, especially parents with teenagers, pre-teens and young adults.

Given some of the important issues raised in this episode, we will be recording Part 2, where we bring in a panel of specialists to start the discussions on how to address the practicality and privacy issues which can prevent track and trace apps from being effective during a pandemic.

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This episode features a software professional with 30 years experience in software projects across a multitude of industries including retail, banking, defence and automotive and for the last 10 years, the NHS. David founded a successful IT company which provides services to the NHS and writes for https://lockdownsceptics.org/ a blog founded by Toby Young, where a range of pandemic related data is analysed and presented.